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GKOLEY was inspired to write this song LANDSLIDE because of SINGLE MOTHERS being such a great influence. SINGLE MOTHERS who we highly commend for being so strong raising their kids on their own, its SOOOO amazing to me when i see my friends and other people i know that was raised by a single mother that did a SUPER great job raising them kids, i had to write this song dedicated to single mothers who deserves a song commending their true dedication to us, "Sometimes NOT Grateful Kids".. anyway REAL TALK, i know that its takes a lot mentally, spiritually and financially but single mothers still strives to be there for her kids unconditionally as though it was 2 parents involved because of having to play multiple roles as a parent... LANDSLIDE represents how hard it is for a SINGLE MOTHER to come to the realty of having to raise them kids by herself and how that beginning of her life felt and how this same single mother end up successful in her career, business owner or what ever that SINGLE MOTHER desires to become after growing through whatever she has been through. Her kids who witnessed their mother teach and raised her kids to be the best at who they dream of becoming in life regardless of life and its circumstances DON'T GIVE UP! LANDSLIDE is like a ladder or stairs you have to climb to reach your goals, the top of the stairs represents her accomplished goals, but them stairs is kind of steep going up and it is sometimes hard going up but its worth it in the long run....SINGLE MOTHERS WE LOVE YOU DON'T GIVE UP...


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New Orleans is well known for doing almost everything big, boastful, and flashy, from its style of great foods, tons of parades @Mardi Gras,  Second Line Sundays and other major events held in New Orleans, Gkoley mentions  Hurricane Katrina aftermath that was so devastating to New Orleans and how the city shook back from such a major event.Gkoley talks about certain family and friend events that happened..which was really hilarious when you think about what really makes people LOLalways something extra fun to do in the BIG EASY" GKOLEY A talented songwriter explains how this has influenced sounds and lyrics that has become his creative THING, Gkoley speaks about his pops "CEO Greg Money" he instructed that  understanding baseline and melody first then you are ready to get your track, because this is the driving force when choosing instruments for that song, which is a very useful component to a hot and successful track.


As an Artist and Vice President (A&R)@II Kole Records, Gkoley is definitely that new sound STRAIGHT out that south

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